Database and Dashboard Services

Secure, Controlled Access

Database and Dashboard Services

Star Data Systems’ exclusive Dashboard feature enables you to stay in touch with every aspect of your project from anywhere in the world. As your project begins you are assigned a unique username and password which enables you to log onto our secure client website and choose from a variety of reports and capabilities you never thought were possible.

As you enter your project website you are presented a choice of options ranging from downloading the latest Call Report with counts of the current figures for dials made, busy signals, not at home, appointments, completed interviews and fresh sample, all available to you by simply clicking the link to your report. You can also download special reports regarding your project, download MP3 files of any of your interviews through our exclusive Virtual Monitoring feature, or turn to the Pulsar Web link and look at up-to-the-minute tabulations of key variables and quotas.

Access can be limited to specific areas depending on the user.

  • Call Report for Telephone Interviews
  • Counts of Key Questions
  • Scan Survey Viewer
  • Quota Information
  • Virtual Monitoring of Telephone Interviews
  • Cross Tables and Charts via Pulsar Web
  • Postage Report
  • File Manager
  • Your data is accessible to you and your designated users 24/7/365,
    so it’s available when you need it most
  • Your data is secure and up-to-date
  • You choose what you want to see and your data is presented in clear,
    concise formats and views
  • SSL Security Certificates to Assure your clients their data is secure
  • Secure User logins with user name, password and company codes
  • Solid and secure architecture based on SQL Server hierarchies
  • Multi-level access rights for senior management down to branch and/or dealer levels
  • Charts and Graphs
  • Summary Tables of tracking data
  • Access to respondent-level complaints and data for correcting serious CSI issues
  • Downloadable Excel sheets and PDF’s of graphs, tables and other measures
  • Custom features to your specifications


Telephone SurveysIn-House Interviewing, CATI Facility

Online Web SurveysRespondent Friendly Format, Online Reporting

Mail SurveysOne Stop Shopping

Online Reports and TabulationsReal-time, 24/7 Access