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Online Reporting

Access the latest figures on your Call Center project for quota counts, key variables, average interview length and incidence of qualified respondents using Star Data Systems’ exclusive Dashboard. With just a browser, you are able to stay in touch with every aspect of your project from anywhere in the world. As your project begins you are assigned a secure username and password which enables you to log onto our secure client website and choose from a variety of reports and capabilities. These include daily statistics regarding interviewing, topline reports, cross tabulations of key variables and quota groups.

As you enter your project website you are presented a choice of options ranging from downloading the latest Call Report with counts of the current figures for dials made, busy signals, not at home, appointments, completed interviews and fresh sample, all available to you by simply clicking the link to your report.

You can also download special reports regarding your project, download MP3 files of any of your interviews through our exclusive Virtual Monitoring feature, or turn to our online reporting and look at up-to-the-minute tabulations of key variables and quotas.


Star Data Systems, Inc. offers you on-time tabulations of research surveys in a readable, easy to use format. Our software is extremely powerful and flexible and allows us to handle data in many different formats including long ASCII records, column binary and database formats.

Experienced professionals work with you from the start of the project to make sure that you receive the necessary tabulations in a user friendly form. Our staff is composed of data processing and tabulation professionals who not only understand market research tabulations, but can deal with clients’ needs and survey research deadlines in a knowledgeable way. We will be happy to consult with you regarding questionnaire layout and design. We discuss table layouts and statistics with you before the project starts to guarantee that you receive the information you wanted in the correct format.


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