Increasing Online Participation

CATI Recruits to Online

Recruiting respondents to participate in online surveys is particularly effective in research that requires qualifying a very specific sample efficiently. Star Data Systems has provided telephone recruiting to online surveys for a number of years. We have successfully recruited consumers, medical professionals and business management to internet surveys hosted by ourselves as well as other providers.

Our experienced telephone interviewers not only recruit but follow up to ensure the surveys are completed in a timely manner. In the course of recruiting, we can identify people who may not have a reliable internet connection and if the sample frame requires non-internet users or if there are concerns of sample bias, we can complete an interview over the phone and/or mail a paper questionnaire.

Telephone recruits are sent an email providing the online survey link in real-time while they are still on the phone. Follow-up for online surveys is done immediately after the recruiting call is made to increase participation. Additional follow ups are made a second and/or third time to ensure a strong and timely response. In the case of difficult recruits, we may actually assist respondents completing their online survey over the phone.


  • Able to direct recruits to alternate survey modes
  • Multiple follow up and follow through
  • Online respondents can stop in the middle of a survey and go back to complete it from the place they left off
  • Able to provide real time reporting with a custom online dashboard



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MIXED MODE INTERVIEWINGOnline, Phone and/or Mail – One Stop Shopping

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