Evaluate Your Customers’ Experience

Star Data Mystery Shopping Services

Did you ever wonder what your call center reps are really saying to your prospects and customers?

Star Data Systems performs a variety of mystery shopping projects for clients who need to monitor their call center’s performance and coach their agents on presentation, courtesy, and following company guidelines. Our mystery shopping calls are made to a variety of in-house and outsourced call centers and check for quality, compliance with regulations, and professionalism with the client’s customers.

Among the major goals of our projects are to track how well the customer service representatives represent the company and whether they clearly explain the terms of a special trial offer, qualify the customer as a legitimate prospect, and closes the deal in a manner that will lead to long-term customer satisfaction.

Star Data Systems’ telephone shoppers have a wealth of experience conducting mystery shops of some of the largest call centers in the US. Our online dashboard brings you detailed information about the customer experience. We have conducted mystery shopping projects in a range of industries:

  • OEM Computer Resellers
  • Cable Television and Satellite TV call centers
  • Medical industries
  • A wide range of others

Our shops help you learn if the customer’s experience meets your business objectives and document that you are delivering consistent, helpful and accurate consumer service. We adeptly manage mystery shopping, compliance, engagement and record the voice of your representatives. We also shop your competitors to help you gather market intelligence.

If you’re not sure what your agents are telling your customers, give us a call!

  • Compliance surveys – Make sure your call centers and contractors are selling in accordance with your rules and guidelines
  • Competitive Intelligence – Find out what services your competitors are offering and their pricing
  • Incentive Programs – Reward your best customer service reps for outstanding performance
  • Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your customers are being treated in compliance with your company’s policies and objectives
  • Find out exactly how your products and services compare with those offered by your major competitors
  • Make sure your best performers stay happy and continue performing for your company



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MIXED MODE INTERVIEWINGOnline, Phone and/or Mail – One Stop Shopping

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