Customer Satisfaction Surveys

One Stop Shopping

Experienced Customer Satisfaction Research Professionals

Star Data Systems has a wide variety of experience at conducting Customer Satisfaction surveys in many industries, from automotive CSI studies, to boat builders and engines, universities and book fairs, to insurance and banking – we’ve done them all.

Our experienced analysts can partner with you to design a customer satisfaction program that not only reports your CSI scores, but helps you to improve them. By providing actionable results and immediate escalation of an actionable interview, we help you and your sales force contact your customers while there is still time to act and turn an unhappy customer into a happy camper who is impressed with your reaction to problems and recommends you to their friends.

Secure, Online CSI Dashboard Reporting

Let us customize our secure customer satisfaction dashboard solutions to your needs. We provide secure, multi-level hierarchical access to you and to the people in your company who need it most. Sales reps and dealers receive their own login identities and passwords so they can see their overall scores, their customers’ kudos and complaints while you and your management see the “big picture” of overall company scores broken out by regions, sales districts and dealer territories.

You and your staff have access to scanned questionnaires and PDF’s of actual interviews and verbatim responses regarding specific product and service issues.

Secure, Powerful Servers in World-Class Facilities

Star Data Systems’ hosting center is located in a secure, disaster-proof hosting facility with full redundancy and back-up capabilities so your data is safe and secure with wideband internet backbone access to the web.

Actionable Data through Actionable Surveys

Let us partner with you to improve customer satisfaction through actionable survey data delivered to you on a timely basis. Using our call center in partnership with other research methodologies, we can even partner with you to resolve consumer issues.

Any Data Collection Method
  • Since we do all three modes of interviewing in-house, we collect all your data in one shop.
  • Continuous tracking of CSI Interviews gives you an accurate picture of how your company is seen by your customers.
  • Immediate Email reporting of serious customer complaints to you and to your field reps.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) capabilities so we can partner with you to actually improve your CSI performance.
  • Fast, economical Service
Online Dashboard Reporting
  • Secure, Multilevel access to your CSI data by senior management, sales regions, district reps and dealer territories.
  • Clear and concise charts and tables of CSI results that can be downloaded to your desktop in Excel and PDF formats.
  • High quality, accurate data.
  • Ability to view actual scanned paper surveys and PDF’s of online and telephone interviews with verbatim comments.
  • Open-end coding services available
  • Typed verbatim reports available
Actionable Data You Can Use
  • Customer Satisfaction Indices (CSI Scores).
  • Net Promoter Scores – How many of your customers are satisfied enough to recommend you to their friends and colleagues?.
  • Immediate reporting of customer surveys with require prompt action.
  • Easy-to-Use charts and graphs


MYSTERY SHOPPINGEvaluate Your Customers’ Experience

EMPLOYEE SURVEYSConfidential, Multi-Mode Capabilities

CATI RECRUITS TO ONLINEIncreasing Online Participation

MIXED MODE INTERVIEWINGOnline, Phone and/or Mail – One Stop Shopping

INSURANCE SERVICESYears of Satisfaction Survey Experience