Survey Programming and Hosting with MrSurvey

Star Data Systems has been conducting online web surveys since 1997 – almost the very beginning of online survey technology! We are experienced at programming and hosting every type of web survey and survey questionnaire, with complex skip patterns, rotations and randomizations, longitudinal tracking studies, consumer panels, and more.

Our seasoned analysts and programmers will guide you through the intricacies of online survey technology, consumer panels, business to business surveys and mixed-mode studies. We have conducted hundreds of online surveys of all types, from short and simple to complex government surveys with multiple respondents for each interview.

Fast Turnaround with Real-Time Online Reporting

We can begin work on your survey immediately and have it ready for testing quickly. And you stay up-to-date with Star Data’s dashboards and real-time reporting systems. We provide you with your own, secure dashboard where you can view topline results and cross-tabs of quota groups and key variables at no extra charge.

Secure, Powerful Servers in World-Class Facilities

Star Data Systems’ hosting center is located in a secure, disaster-proof hosting facility with full redundancy and back-up capabilities. Your data is safe and secure with wideband internet backbone access to the web, providing you with the ability to collect thousands of completed interviews at once.

Types of Surveys

Our survey analysts have programmed and hosted many types of interviews:
  • Consumer product testing
  • Advertising effectiveness surveys
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Employee Surveys
  • Industry trade association membership surveys
  • Business-to-Business surveys with hard-to-reach respondents
  • Government surveys among veterans, universities and agencies
  • Concept testing
  • Listings for Trade Directories
  • Website advertising testing
  • Custom surveys of all types
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Fax:    561-744-8718
  Online Web Survey Advantages
Programming and Hosting:  
  Seasoned analysts and programmers able to handle your most complex jobs with ease  
  Powerful, sophisticated survey software able to handle thousands of simultaneous interviews  
  Powerful, secure servers hosted in a world-class environment keeps your data safe  
  No project too large or small – we do them all  
  Fast, economical Service  
Real-Time Reporting  
  Up-to-the-minute reporting of Key Variables and Topline Results  
  High quality, accurate data tables of quotas and key measures  
  Quick turnaround  
  Open-end coding services available  
  Typed verbatim reports available  
Consumer Panels and Mixed-Mode Surveys  
  We work with a variety of panel partners to find hard-to-reach groups  
  Years of experience handling CATI recruits to web surveys  
  Survey invitations sent out while respondent is still on telephone means better response rate  
  Simultaneous surveys on web and paper  
  Custom surveys of any type